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How To Travel With Sex Toys

Because why go on vacation and leave your orgasms at home?

I always travel with sex toys.

Vacations are all about 'me-time' so it makes sense to pack a few of my fave vibes, along with an indulgent facial mask and a bottle (okay, a few) of wine.

But let's face it. Getting through airport security is stressful enough, let alone worrying if your giant pink dildo will show up on the bag scanners. It's why I always travel with discreet toys. To be travel-friendly, a toy should not only be small, but inconspicuous too.

It's why I fell in love at first sight with the ZALO collection - because each of the pieces look more like jewelry than something you'd find in someone's secret sex toy drawer. I've actually been known to leave my toys out and forget about them, having them go undiscovered by guests thanks to their pretty very non-sex-toy-ish aesthetics.

When I travel, I love to pack the Baby Star, because it's so tiny I can slip it inside my purse and bring it as carry-on to make a long flight feel a whole lot faster.

Another fave is the Baby Heart - also really compact and looking more like a fashion accessory than a sex toy, it's the perfect toy to take along with me if my bags ever get searched at the airport - so there's no embarrassing moments (not that I have any shame anyway!)

My sex toys are an important part of keeping my solo and partnered sex life interesting, and allowing me to explore new ideas, so if I'm leaving home for more than a couple of days, you better bet, they're coming along with me.

Featured image via tumblr.com