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Transport yourself to a realm of lavish indulgence with Zalo USA's breathtaking Versailles Collection. Inspired by the grandeur and elegance of the Palace of Versailles, each product in this collection is a masterpiece of luxury and sensuality, designed to awaken your desires and elevate your pleasure to new heights.

Enchanting world of the Aurora Series by Zalo USA, where sophistication and sensuality intertwine to create an experience like no other. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights, each product in this collection is designed to ignite your passions and awaken your senses.

4 Best Zalo Sex Toys (May 2021)

Written by Megan, licensed marriage and family therapist. Source: CouplesCandy.com


Whether you’re self-pleasuring or coupled up for the evening, vibrators can take the night to a whole new level. Who knew such a small toy could makeyour toes curl?

The best Zalo sex toys will leave you wanting more with every use. The innovative features such as rapid heating, thrusting, and Bluetooth connectivity makes Zalo USA the most coveted vibrators available. The elegant aesthetic will make you feel like royalty. 

With so many options to choose from, how do you even begin to select the suitable toy for you? I have handpicked four of the best Zalo sex toys, including vibrators and clitoris massagers, for the most orgasmic additions to your sexy toy box.

What are the Best Zalo Sex Toys?

Desire Preheating Thruster Fairy Pink

The rapid warming feature on this warming vibrator will send warming sensations throughout your body. Invest in yourself with this upscale, thrusting vibrator with multiple settings for slow sensual moods and more intense, fast-paced evenings.

Feel like royalty with the elegant embellishments and Swarovski crystals as you inch closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm.


  • Four hours of pleasure on one charge.
  • Quickly warms up to body temperature.
  • Seven different modes, including one turbo mode.


  • Six realistic, sensual thrusting movement settings for all your moods.
  • Quiet yet powerful vibrations for unbelievable sensations.
  • Dainty and feminine look embellished with Swarovski crystals.


  • It can be complicated to get started without instructions.

Bess Clitoral Massager Turquoise Green

The Bess Clitoral Massager will make you forget your old vibrator within seconds. It is one of the most versatile vibrators available, with three different heads for clitoral, vaginal, or nipple stimulation.

The luxurious appearance and powerful vibrations will make you feel like a goddess as you reach the most intense climax you have ever experienced. Take advantage of the astounding eight vibration modes that offer incrementally more pleasure!


  • Three attachments included.
  • Eight vibration modes.
  • USB magnetic rechargeable.


  • A versatile three-in-one toy to stimulate you in all of the best spots.
  • Petite and ergonomic design for comfortable hand positioning.
  • Luxurious appearance to cater to your inner goddess.


  • It takes two hours to reach a full charge, twice as long as similar products.

Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator Rouge Pink

The stunning and feminine design is sure to make you feel like royalty as the warm, tingly feeling of an orgasm spreads throughout your body.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, the Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator is a perfect intimate secret between you and your lover. They can discreetly bring you to the brink of an orgasm with a few taps on their smartphone.


  • Whisper-quiet dual motors
  • Dual pronged for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • 24-carat gold plated tip and delicate chain and pendant


  • You can secretly stimulate yourself in public with the smartphone connectivity feature.
  • Every exquisite detail is well thought out and beautifully designed.
  • Intense yet quiet vibrations for ultimate orgasmic sensations.


  • More expensive than similar toys.
  • The gold chain could be a distraction.

Hero Clitoral Massager Jewel Green

Do you want to be the hero of your own orgasm? This Hero Clitoral Massager will make that happen. The unique vibrating and swinging tip will recreate the most unforgettable oral sex you have ever experience. Cozy up in bed with your elegant, battery-powered best friend for the evening and forget all your woes.

This Zalo toy is compact and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, and the weight of it makes it feel like it’s truly an exquisitely designed toy.


  • Includes wave and vibration features.
  • Adorned with lavish crystals and gold embellishments.
  • Compact and ergonomically designed.


  • Royal green, gold, and crystals make for a classy and elegant look.
  • Up to 75 swings per minute, designed to replicate the feeling of oral sex.
  • It fits comfortably and neatly in your palm for maximum control.


  • Battery life doesn’t last as long as some of the competitors.
  • Fewer vibration modes than similar toys.

Zalo Sex Toys Buyer’s Guide

Since their founding, Zalo has been leading the charge for women’s pleasure. To revitalize sex toys for women and couples, they have created unique and innovative massagers and vibrators, bringing your toe-curling sensations all over your body. You can expect your Zalo vibrator to be beautifully packaged, intricately designed, and adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals. Their high-quality products are sure to give you next-level orgasms. 

How Does a Zalo Vibrator Work?

Beyond their elegant and attractive designs, Zalo vibrators use the most innovative technology for a vibrator like you have never experienced before. They have introduced novel features that have never before been used in vibrator technology, such as their pre-heating function, which rapidly brings your toy to a comfortable temperature before use. 

Most importantly, their toys include powerful vibrations brought to you by dual motors. As intense as the vibrations are, they manage to make these fantastic products whisper-quiet for discreet pleasure. 

How To Choose the Best Zalo Sex Toy

There is no one-size-fits-all sex toy, so the best one will depend on your personal preferences. If you are looking for a toy that can duplicate the best oral sex you have ever had, consider products with “swinging” technology such as the Hero Clitoral Massager.

Other vibrators like Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator have exciting features like Bluetooth connectivity if you want to turn over control and take the fun out in public. Thrusting technology and two-pronged toys also promise out-of-this-world orgasms. 

What Features To Look for With a Zalo Vibrator

Every Zalo toy has incredible features that you won’t find from other vibrators. Here are some things you should look for in your new Zalo vibrator or clitoral massager: 

  • Quick USB charging will come in handy if your battery dies right before use. Most toys can get a full charge in an hour. 
  • A quiet motor makes it easier to pleasure yourself discreetly in public if you’re adventurous or in the privacy of your home. 
  • Multiple settings (either vibration, thrusting, or swings) that can match your different moods.
  • Pre-heating features keep you comfortable. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity is excellent for using the toy in public. Pass the torch on to your partner so they can make all of the decisions, making you squirm as you inch closer to climax.
  • Waterproof materials because, you know. 

This list is by no means comprehensive, as Zalo is always coming out with new and exciting features. While not all features are included in each toy, this list is a great starting point as you think about the features you want in your toy. 

How To Have Fun With a Zalo Sex Toy

There are countless ways to have fun with a Zalo vibrator or clitoral massager. Their ergonomic designs make these perfect for an evening of solo pleasure, and the thrusting technology will make you melt into your sheets. Treat yourself by lighting a few candles, playing some music, and take your evening to new heights. 

You can also intensify a night with your partner by pairing your new toy with oral or vaginal sex. Some toys can stimulate different sensitive spots such as the nipples, clitoris, or vagina. No matter how you use it, a Zalo vibrator will enhance your sexual experiences on so many levels. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the most sophisticated and elegant vibrators available, you must go with Zalo USA. Their superior designs, attractive aesthetics, and innovative features make this a top-notch brand for women’s pleasure. 

I have selected four of their best products for you to consider with a wide range of features and functions that are sure to elevate your orgasms. No matter which product you choose, it is sure to make you toss your old vibrator in the trash.