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11 Signs He Wants a Relationship With You

Written by Megan, licensed marriage and family therapist. Source: CouplesCandy.com

So you’ve met someone great and want to be together, but you’re not sure he’s looking for something serious right now. Welcome to the club!

How to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a fling? It’s not all black and white when it comes to budding relationships, but there are some tell-tale signs that show you that he’s ready to go all-in with you. Let’s have a look at the most obvious signs he wants a relationship with you.

1. He Makes Time for You

Does your guy make time for you even if his life is crazy busy? That’s your sign right there. Men who respond quickly to texts and emails and always make an effort to initiate dates and conversation are not doing that because they’re super friendly. They do it because they sense the potential of a relationship and want to speed things up to get there.

This is especially true if he continues to show interest in you and make time for you after the relationship has reached the bedroom. Men who aren’t interested in a relationship don’t make themselves available all the time once they have the prize.

2. He Keeps His Promises

Your guy promised to take you to the movies on a Friday night after a busy day at work and he actually did it. He didn’t stand you up. Does he want a relationship? I’m pretty sure he does, because he makes efforts not to disappoint you. Making empty promises is a sign a man is not that interested in taking things to the next level.

But if he always makes you a priority and doesn’t come up with excuses, making an effort not to leave you hanging and not to flake, you’ve got yourself a keeper. He is a man who sticks to his word and you can be pretty sure he’s serious about you.

3. You Have Already Met All His Friends and Family

Your guy has introduced you not just to his best friend, but to all his friends. You’ve also met his parents, siblings, and maybe even some of his more distant relatives. If you’re already tight with a guy’s inner circle, that’s a sign he wants something serious.

This goes for your own family as well. If he obviously makes efforts to become liked by your family and friends, he’s here to stay. Guys who never want to meet your family and don’t care if they like him when he eventually meets your relatives and friends are not interested in taking things to the next level.

4. He Tells You Everything

Emotionally stable men who are looking for a serious relationship are good at being vulnerable. This is actually an essential part of falling in love, so a guy who wants a relationship will not hesitate to open up to you.

If you already have deep conversations where he talks about his past relationships his struggles and goals in life, you’re making a real connection and he’s very likely to want to be in for the long run.

On the opposite side, if all he wants is to chat about the game or which kind of pizza to order for your Netflix and chill night, he’s probably not interested in a serious relationship right now. He might even be a player, so if you’re unsure if your guy is a keeper or a player.

5. He’s OK With Labels

Guys who aren’t bothered by you calling them your boyfriend and are calling you their girlfriend in front of other people without even being asked are pretty serious about getting committed.

This is perhaps one of the most important signs that he’s taking things seriously and is not there just for a fling. If he actually appears proud to introduce you as his girlfriend and doesn’t shy away from mentioning that he’s in a relationship, he’s a keeper and in it for the long run.

6. He Talks About Long-Term Plans

Your guy drops all kinds of information about where he sees himself in the future and he’s also interested in what kind of life you’d like to live. Men don’t ask questions about how you see yourself in the future if they’re not thinking about being part of that future.

Asking about whether you want to get married or if you want to have kids and how many is one of the surest signs he wants a relationship.

7. He Says “I Miss You”

Any woman who has ever asked herself ” what are the signs he wants a relationship with me?” of course wants to hear “I love you” for the first time among them. But if you’re looking for clues before saying the big words, pay attention to other words he says.

If you’ve just come back from a week away with the girls and he tells you he missed you, it means that he values you and wants him in his life. If he actually says those endearing words, it means that he thinks his life is better with you in it.

8. He Shows up When You Need Help

Does your guy show up as soon as he can when you need help? If you feel that you can always rely on him to be there for you, he wants a relationship with you. Guys don’t just drop anything to go help a girl they’re in a casual fling with.

If he consistently shows you that he cares by showing up when you need help with something, this is a guy that wants to stick around and you may want to hold onto.

9. You Have All His Attention

Your guy only has eyes for you and he doesn’t pay attention to anything else around you when he’s with you, especially women. He looks into your eyes when you talk and he will actually spend hours talking to you without any signs that he’s getting bored.

If your guy pays you that much attention and doesn’t even check his phone much when he’s with you, make no mistake — he has fallen hard for you and he is more than ready for a relationship with you.

10. He Makes Plans That Include You

A guy who makes plans that include you and makes an effort to make sure he gets to see you is a guy who is ready for more. He might even include you in his existing plans, and this means that he doesn’t like the idea of doing things he likes without you anymore.

If he constantly asks you about your schedule and is always coming up with fun and exciting dates for the two of you to do, he’s very interested in you and most likely ready for a relationship.

11. He is Over His Past Relationships

Perhaps the biggest indication a man is ready to take it to the next level is the fact that he can talk openly about what went wrong in his past relationships, without being cynical or bitter.

If your guy talks about what he’s learned from his past relationships without placing the blame for failure on his exes or even worse, his mother, he is showing that he has grown and is ready for something serious.

He gets bonus points if he’s genuinely interested in your romantic past and listens to you talking about your exes without appearing judgmental at any point. That is a man who’s ready to commit.

Final Thoughts – Does He Want a Relationship?

So how to know if he wants a relationship or you’re just a fling? Look at the signs and also trust your gut. If it feels right, it probably is, so give your guy a chance and enjoy seeing where the road takes you!