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3 Ways To Unlock Your Orgasm

If you've recently lost your orgasm, you're not alone. The good news is though, you can get it back.

There are few things more frustrating than losing your orgasm.

Unlike your car keys, a good look over your house is unlikely to uncover your missing climax.

But the reality is, loss of orgasm, or difficulty achieving orgasm, is incredibly common. Our ability to reach climax is dramatically impacted upon by many factors, including medications like antidepressants, the birth control pill, hormonal changes like menopause and the ageing process.

All of these factors dull our genital sensitivity, making getting off a whole lot more challenging. The good news, however, is, for most women, incorporating more intense clitoral stimulation can rectify the issue. That's where investing in a good vibrator comes in handy (in more ways than one!). Here are three products that will make rediscovering the Big Oh a whole lot easier.

1. The Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator

With a curved tip designed to stimulate the G-spot and an additional clitoral stimulator at the base of the shaft, The Rosalie Rabbit is an incredibly effective option for using during foreplay to help get blood flow to your clitoris and increase arousal. Start on a low mode then experiment moving up each of the eight modes until you find an intensity that works for you.

2. The Jeanne Personal Massager

If you want to get your orgasm back during partnered sex, the Jeanne is an ideal choice. Straddle over your partner so they're inside you and your clitoris is exposed, then hold the Jeanne against your clitoris while you ride your partner for added clitoral stimulation.

3. The Fanfan Couples Vibrator

Another great option for using during partnered sex, the Fanfan can be worn and controlled by remote so you don't need to fuss around with it, and the bonus is, while it's delivering extra stimulation to your clit to help you hit O-Town, it'll also be delivering equally feel-good sensations to your partner. So everybody wins!