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Transport yourself to a realm of lavish indulgence with Zalo USA's breathtaking Versailles Collection. Inspired by the grandeur and elegance of the Palace of Versailles, each product in this collection is a masterpiece of luxury and sensuality, designed to awaken your desires and elevate your pleasure to new heights.

Enchanting world of the Aurora Series by Zalo USA, where sophistication and sensuality intertwine to create an experience like no other. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights, each product in this collection is designed to ignite your passions and awaken your senses.

Mose Rabbit Thruster

Color: Turquoise Green
Turquoise Green
Obsidian Black
Velvet Purple

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  • Introducing MOSE, the first dual-stimulating rabbit-style massager from the ZALO Legendary Series. Continuing on the captivating ancient Egyptian theme of the collection, MOSE takes its inspiration from Thutmose, the god of wisdom. Conveying the powerful and successful reign of the pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, MOSE features innovative functions, including ZALO’s cutting-edge PowerThrust technology combined with motors in the shaft and extending from the shaft for clit stimulation.

    Offering silent operation, MOSE’s shaft can extend by up to 15mm and deliver up to 8 thrusts per second for intense internal stimulation. The tip of the shaft targets the G-Spot with a carefully placed motor that provides direct vibration. MOSE delivers intense clit stimulation from an external motor that features a soft, padded layer of silicone to comfortably massage the clit with powerful vibration. MOSE multiple exhilarating functions combine to incite full-body blended orgasms. MOSE also features a pre-heating function to heighten its lifelike feel as you warm it to a soothing warmth. The display screen at MOSE’s base allows for easy monitoring of the functions and intensity.

    Transform your Mose Rabbit Thruster into a hands-free experience with the Mose Thigh Harness. Featuring adjustable straps, this harness allows for effortless enjoyment and enhanced pleasure. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of hands-free stimulation.


Premium body-safe silicone
Dow Corning food-level. Exclusive Softek™ surface coating.

PowerThrust technology
MOSE features ZALO’s cutting-edge PowerThrust technology of high-frequency, powerful thrusting.

Ultra-powerful vibration
MOSE features a powerful vibrating motor beneath a soft, padded layer of soft silicone to target the clitoris.

Dual stimulation
Vibrating motor target clitoris directly. G-Spot targeting powerful vibrating motor.

Power display
The battery levels are displayed as bars. The four bars will decrease when power is lost.

Preheating Function
Independent heating temperature control of 107° Fahrenheit (42° Celsius), to warm before or during use.